Drama Review: Devil Beside You


Hello Lovely Readers!

Today I have a different kind of post. It’s still bookish because the show is based on my favorite manga so its a win-win! I also binged it in like 3 days so I just want to talk about it, haha.


AJPKvcTitle: Devil Beside You
Genre: Romance / Comedy
Based On: The Devil Does Exist
Country of Origin: Taiwan
No. of Episodes: 20

synopsis header
“Devil Beside You, originally a Japanese manga turned Taiwanese drama, basically revolves around a typical love triangle. When Qi Yue’s attempt to tell her crush, Yuan Yi, how she really feels falters, her world turns upside down as she becomes tormented by the school’s Prince, Ah Meng, who ends up with the letter of her confession. Known for his devilish ways, Ah Meng always gets his way and he only desires Qi Yue. Qi Yue breaks through his hard exterior and falls in love with the devil. Unfortunately, fate doesn’t agree on their union when they find out that they are soon to be step-siblings.” (IMDb)


I posted a review for the first book in a manga series called The Devil Does Exist on Monday. While scrolling through comments for it on Goodreads, someone mentioned this drama and I was like, “Well why not!”. So, off I went to watch a couple episodes and then binged the whole series in a little under 3 days without doing any reading. Oops. 🤣🤷‍♀️

Seriously, give me a tv show I enjoy and that’s all my life will consist of until its over with. Then, prepare for this biggest hangover because I don’t know what to do with my life after it ends.

Anyways, ha.

This drama does have a lot of similarities to the manga and I could pick them all out since I know the manga plot by heart. I thought it did a good job of sticking to all of the biggest plot points/twists. To make the drama longer, it does include more about her friend’s love life and a couple other people as well that she knows. It was a nice touch and I didn’t mind watching the other relationships evolve.

Obviously my favorite character was the bad boy who started it all, Ah Meng. He is just a little cinnamon roll with a hard exterior and I just can’t help but love him. 😍

It’s those dangs eyes I tell you! And when he smiles, oh man. I’m done.


There is a lot of character development for him and many of the other characters. It was nice to see each one grow and deal with the problems they have in their life.

Now, since this is a drama it can be quite over the top. You even get sound effects while they punch each other! It seemed low budget at times but this was also made in 2005. I don’t know if much has changed or if I’m just used to what the US offers for shows. Either way, it didn’t really bother me. Obviously, because I binged it all!

Overall, I am glad I stumbled upon this gem. There is another drama that has a few of the some actors that I am hoping to find so I can watch it too. Probably should finish some arcs before then since I’ll be sucked into a blackhole once again. 🤣


6 thoughts on “Drama Review: Devil Beside You

    1. Before this I have only seen jdramas, haha. It was on youtube! If you search the title you will find it on there.


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