LitJoy Crate: May 2019 Unboxing


bookish unboxing.png


Hello, Bookworms!

Today I am doing an unboxing. I haven’t done one for awhile because 1.) been spending less and 2.) I always forget to take photos before I start to sell off items that weren’t for me or put them away in my office. It’s a lot of work to try and remember what came from a box!

The LitJoy Crate May Box was pretty great. I boguht it specifically for the artists that were involved in making the pieces because they are two of my favorite artists, Salome Totladze and Noverantale.

My favorite piece has to be the pot holders. Hades looks amazing! Although I am thinking I will use them as mug rugs instead or hang one on my wall because its just too pretty to use in the kitchen. I haven’t read the book yet but hopefully soon!