The Bookish Box: May Unboxing

bookish unboxing


Hello, Bookworms!

I am back with another unboxing! I know the ones I have been doing are from a month or two ago but I am playing catch up. Hopefully you all don’t mind too much, ha.

Today I am sharing The Bookish Box from May. This was my first monthly crate from them but I have purchased other boxes from them. Overall, I have liked some or all of the items included.

In this particular one, There were a few things I didn’t care for because I just wouldn’t use them such as the wallet, keychain, and ring. When it comes to jewelery I have to be careful because it will turn me green!

My favorite item was the shirt which is the main reason I purchased this box. I love Prythian and this shirt is just so gorgeous!

I did get the option with no book and so that is why there is no photo of it.

There you have it! If you like what you see then definitely check them out!

The Book(ish) Box: Book Boyfriend Unboxing

thegeekishbrunette unboxes

Hello, fellow book lovers!

This is one post that has been long overdue and its because I am terrible at scheduling out when everything should be published. We are not even two weeks into January and I am already making new goals for myself!

Anyways, this lovely box is from The Book(ish) Box and it was actually my first one ever purchased from them.

There was some really awesome goodies packed inside that tiny little box and my favorite item has to be the pin. I was a die hard Edward Cullens fan because I may have had a slight obsession with Vampires (totally prefer ones that don’t look like disco balls, but you take what you can get).

My second favorite was the shirt because A Court of Thorns and Roses is what took me out of my many year reading slump and now I can’t put books down! I also am a huge fan of those boys and just want to be surrounded by them all day.

This was a pretty great box and I was highly satisfied and will definitely be back to purchase from them again.