Book Haul: Arc Edition (7/26/21)

Happy Monday Readers!

Today on bookstagram I shared my latest arcs. I thought I would share them here as well for those that don’t follow me over there. Although since writing this up I have received two more arcs, haha. I thought I would be done with my five and now I am up to ten again. That’s okay though! I am excited for all of them.

Okay, so some of these are anticipated reads and some do come from authors I have read before and loved!

  • Daughter by Kate McLaughlin (previously read author) March 8th, 2022
  • Cold The Night, Fast The Wolves by Meg Long (new-to-me author) January 11th, 2022
  • A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw (previously read author) December 7th, 2021
  • A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft (new-to-me author) March 8th, 2022
  • Dragonblood Ring by Amparo Ortiz (sequel / previously read author) October 12th, 2021
  • Full Flight by Ashley Schumacher (previously read author) February 22nd, 2022

Can we talk about these covers?! I am in love with both! The blue one is very striking though!

  • Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer (previously read author / new series) September 14th, 2021
  • When Night Breaks by Janella Angeles (previously read author / sequel) October 5th, 2021

So there is my arc haul! I am currently working through Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer. I wasn’t too big of a fan of her first series but this one has me very intrigued! There has been a big plot twist that had me surprised and that has been hard to do lately!

All of these will have reviews up around their release dates. Stay tuned for those!

Do you have any of these titles on your tbr? What one would you read based on the cover?

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-Joanna TheGeekishBrunette (1)

October Book Haul


Hello Readers!

I picked up some books in October from Amazon, Abe Books, Book Outlet, and Book Depository. Most of these were real cheap or on sale and they are ones that I have been wanting to read or have read that I wanted to add to my collection. I’m really excited with what I got so I am going to share them here with you!


  • Echo North (Amazon)
  • A Quiet Kind of Thunder (Abe Books, not pictured)
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (Book Depository)
  • The Boneless Mercies
  • Conspiracy of Ravens
  • The Traitor’s Ruin
  • The Deceivers
  • Emergency Contact
  • The Darkest Corners
  • Even The Darkest Stars
  • The Girl with the Dragon Heart
  • Sanctuary

(4-12 came from Book Outlet)


I have read a majority of the ones from Book Outlet. I need to reread The Deceivers since I have the sequel on NetGalley and I can’t really remember the first book, lol. I know I liked it though!

Have you read any of these before?

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August Book Outlet Haul



Hello Lovely Readers!

I know we are almost halfway through September and I am now making this post but we are just going to roll with it!

I think I ordered this at the beginning of August but honestly, I am not sure. Heh.

Out of all of these, I have only read The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart which I reviewed yesterday. I have read Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles series but haven’t read any further. For $20, I thought it was a great deal to buy the whole set. I have heard a lot about The Queen’s Rising and decided since it was pretty cheap to go ahead and get it. As for the Remnant Chronicles series, everyone always talks about it and it was only $11 for the set. I wasn’t a fan of Dance of Thieves but I am going to try the original series and hopefully like it more.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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July’s Book Outlet Haul



Hello Fellow Readers!

Today I am sharing with you the books I purchased from Book Outlet. This is my third or fourth order I have placed with them and I am never disappointed. They have great books, new releases, and are all at an affordable price. I need to save money with all the books I buy, haha. By the way, this isn’t sponsored I just love them!

List of Books:

  • Honor Among Thieves by Rachel Caine & Ann Aguirre
  • Broken Things (Signed) by Lauren Oliver
  • For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig
  • The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli

They came in great condition and one was even signed! The only one out of these books I have read so far is The Caged Queen. I had rented that one from the library awhile ago.

If you are interested in Book Outlet you can use this link,, and get $10 off a purchase of $25.

What books did you purchase in July? Let me know in the comments!

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IMG_5296 (2).JPG

May Book Haul



Hello, Fellow Readers!

Since May is now officially over, I thought it was time to share with you the books I purchased during it. I forgot to add two that I received in a book box but oh well! My mind has just been all over the place lately. I did have a couple duplicates but its hard to say no when they are a special edition or have sprayed edges!

My May purchases consisted of:IMG_4950

1.) Illumicrate Aurora Rising
2.) Truly Devious
3.) We Hunt the Flame
4.) Finale
5.) Owlcrate Finale
6.) Aurora Rising


Black Friday Book-Haul

Hello, fellow book lovers!

Today’s post is all about Black Friday and the books I purchased from Book Outlet. If you don’t know what Book Outlet is, it is a great sight with bargain and scratch and dent books that can’t be sold again in bookstores or even Walmart/Target. They are discounted quite a bit and sometimes they have extra sales like during Black Friday where their whole site was an extra 30% off! Basically, I got books for literally a few dollars each. These are the ones I picked up:

Out of all of these books, I have already read Windwitch, Sightwitch, and Dracula. I just love collecting different covers of Dracula. This one is perfect in every way and is probably my favorite that I currently own.

Did you buy any books during Black Friday? Do you collect other editions of a certain book? Let me know in the comments!