Book Review: Days of Infamy: How a Century of Bigotry Led to Japanese American Internment by Lawrence Goldstone

Title: Days of Infamy: How a Century of Bigotry Led to Japanese American Internment
Author: Lawrence Goldstone
Genre: YA Non-Fiction / History
Publication Date: June 7th, 2022
Publisher: Scholastic Focus
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“In another unrelenting look at the iniquities of the American justice system, Lawrence Goldstone, acclaimed author of Unpunished MurderStolen Justice, and Separate No More, examines the history of racism against Japanese Americans, exploring the territory of citizenship and touching on fears of non-white immigration to the US — with hauntingly contemporary echoes.
On December 7, 1941 — “a date which will live in infamy” — the Japanese navy launched an attack on the American military bases at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The next day, President Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan, and the US Army officially entered the Second World War.
Three years later, on December 18, 1944, President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which enabled the Secretary of War to enforce a mass deportation of more than 100,000 Americans to what government officials themselves called “concentration camps.” None of these citizens had been accused of a real crime. All of them were torn from their homes, jobs, schools, and communities, and deposited in tawdry, makeshift housing behind barbed wire, solely for the crime of being of Japanese descent. President Roosevelt declared this community “alien,” — whether they were citizens or not, native-born or not — accusing them of being potential spies and saboteurs for Japan who deserved to have their Constitutional rights stripped away. In doing so, the president set in motion another date which would live in infamy, the day when the US joined the ranks of those Fascist nations that had forcibly deported innocents solely on the basis of the circumstance of their birth.
In 1944 the US Supreme Court ruled, in Korematsu v. United States, that the forcible deportation and detention of Japanese Americans on the basis of race was a “military necessity.” Today it is widely considered one of the worst Supreme Court decisions of all time. But Korematsu was not an isolated event. In fact, the Court’s racist ruling was the result of a deep-seated anti-Japanese, anti-Asian sentiment running all the way back to the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. Starting from this pivotal moment, Constitutional law scholar Lawrence Goldstone will take young readers through the key events of the 19th and 20th centuries leading up to the fundamental injustice of Japanese American internment. Tracing the history of Japanese immigration to America and the growing fear whites had of losing power, Goldstone will raise deeply resonant questions of what makes an American an American, and what it means for the Supreme Court to stand as the “people’s” branch of government.” (Goodreads)

I noticed this book while browsing the new books my library had added to their elibrary. The cover definitely caught my eye as well as the title. So, I borrowed it and here we are!

The book covers a lot of years in history and so sometimes it can feel like a lot, especially because it isn’t written in a unique way but more or less like an essay. This did tend to make it read it at a slower pace, but it was filled with a lot of information that I had never heard/read before. I liked learning as well as seeing how some of the rhetoric that is said today has been around. It’s amazing how that works.

Overall, this was a good read.


First Lines Friday | 12-9-21

Hello Lovely Readers!

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

“The dead do not always keep their secrets. Sometimes the living must do it for them”


The book is….


I started this book the other day and I am so intrigued by it! It’s dark and morbid which wouldn’t usually be my thing but here we are! Haha.

Have you read this book? Do you want to read it?

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-Joanna TheGeekishBrunette (1)

Goodreads Monday: Only a Monster by Vanessa Len | 11-22-21

Hello Readers!

Goodreads Monday is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turners. To participate, choose a random book from your TBR and show it off.

Title: Only a Monster
Author: Vanessa Len
Genre: YA Fantasy / Paranormal
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2022
Publisher: Harperteen

With the sweeping romance of Passenger and the dark fantasy edge of This Savage Song, this standout YA contemporary fantasy debut from Vanessa Len, is the first in a planned trilogy.

It should have been the perfect summer. Sent to stay with her late mother’s eccentric family in London, sixteen-year-old Joan is determined to enjoy herself. She loves her nerdy job at the historic Holland House, and when her super cute co-worker Nick asks her on a date, it feels like everything is falling into place.

But she soon learns the truth. Her family aren’t just eccentric: they’re monsters, with terrifying, hidden powers. And Nick isn’t just a cute boy: he’s a legendary monster slayer, who will do anything to bring them down.

As she battles Nick, Joan is forced to work with the beautiful and ruthless Aaron Oliver, heir to a monster family that hates her own. She’ll have to embrace her own monstrousness if she is to save herself, and her family. Because in this story . . .

. . . she is not the hero.” (Goodreads)

I’m not usually for darker books but this one sounds so good! I seriously can’t wait for February because there are so many great looking books coming out.

Does this one sound like something you would read?

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-Joanna TheGeekishBrunette (1)

WWW Wednesday (11/20/19)


Hello, My Lovely Bookworms!

This meme was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm and is now hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words.

It consists of answering these three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll read next?


42359583.jpgCurrently Reading:

I started Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao last night. This is will be my second time reading it as I read the arc before it was pulled early this year. I am curious to see what the differences will be.




45734868Recently Finished:

I finished up Sensational by Jodie Lynn Zdrok yesterday. It was a bit of a letdown as a sequel and final book but I will just have to go on! *sheds a tear*




35162608._SY475_.jpgReading Next:

I will be continuing with arcs after my current read. Only 4 left! I think I will be reading Scammed by Kristen Simmons. It’s a sequel so hopefully it won’t let me down… (P.S. I do not like the cover. I don’t like real people on them!)





What is your current read? Are you loving it? Have you read or want to read any that I have listed? Let me know in the comments!

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Songs from the Deep: E-Arc Review



39778976._SY475_Title: Songs from the Deep
Author: Kelly Powell
Genre: YA Fantasy/Historical Fiction
Publication Date: November 5th, 2019

eARC provided by publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.



“Moira Alexander has always been fascinated by the deadly sirens who lurk along the shores of her island town. Even though their haunting songs can lure anyone to a swift and watery grave, she gets as close to them as she can, playing her violin on the edge of the enchanted sea. When a young boy is found dead on the beach, the islanders assume that he’s one of the sirens’ victims. Moira isn’t so sure.

Certain that someone has framed the boy’s death as a siren attack, Moira convinces her childhood friend, the lighthouse keeper Jude Osric, to help her find the real killer, rekindling their friendship in the process. With townspeople itching to hunt the sirens down, and their own secrets threatening to unravel their fragile new alliance, Moira and Jude must race against time to stop the killer before it’s too late—for humans and sirens alike.” (Goodreads)

border2My Review:

The cover and synopsis really pulled me in with this one when it came to requesting. Who doesn’t want to read a book about killer sirens and a murder mystery? Well, I thought I wanted to but this book was a big let down when it came to the sirens.

Moira grew up being taught about sirens by her father. He believed they needed to be treated with respect and not hunted. When a body is found, everyone is quick to blame the sirens except her after seeing the body up close. The one thing about Moira is that she felt emotionless. There wasn’t any concern for the body or even being that upset even when she found out who it was. She just seemed cold to everything including the relationship she found herself in. Which in turn made it hard to believe.

When it came to the sirens, I needed more. They were mentioned here and there. A few were even present for a couple scenes and described but that was it. I was really expecting something else when it came to them.

The world building was okay but again, there needed to be more to really grasp me and feel like I was there. I also felt like it could have been the writing style since it just felt bland in a way.

As for the plot, it was a unique concept but it just wasn’t executed well enough for me. I had high hopes for it but everything was easy to guess and nothing surprised me. The ending was also anti-climatic for me.

Overall, I would say that the best word to described how I feel is bland. I just needed more from the sirens and the plot twists.



First Lines Friday (10/25/19)


Hello Lovely Readers!

I have decided to partake in this weekly meme!

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!


“The Gravedigger’s children were troublemakers. They chased chickens through the neighbors’ yards, brandishing sticks like swords, claiming that the fowl were monsters in disguise. They went to the fields and returned with berry-stained lips, crunching seeds between their teeth.”









The book is….




I got this book in my Owlcrate last month and have been really wanting to read it since then. There are other books I needed to get to first but now October is coming to a close and I still haven’t read a spooky book! So, this is me making myself accountable by saying this book will be read before the end of the month. Mark my words!


Have you picked this one up? Do you want to read it? Let me know!

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Spin the Dawn: NetGalley Review

NetGalley Review


36683928Title: Spin the Dawn
Author: Elizabeth Lim
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: July 30th, 2019


eARC provided by publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.


Synopsis: “Maia Tamarin dreams of becoming the greatest tailor in the land, but as a girl, the best she can hope for is to marry well. When a royal messenger summons her ailing father, once a tailor of renown, to court, Maia poses as a boy and takes his place. She knows her life is forfeit if her secret is discovered, but she’ll take that risk to achieve her dream and save her family from ruin. There’s just one catch: Maia is one of twelve tailors vying for the job.

Backstabbing and lies run rampant as the tailors compete in challenges to prove their artistry and skill. Maia’s task is further complicated when she draws the attention of the court magician, Edan, whose piercing eyes seem to see straight through her disguise.

And nothing could have prepared her for the final challenge: to sew three magic gowns for the emperor’s reluctant bride-to-be, from the laughter of the sun, the tears of the moon, and the blood of stars. With this impossible task before her, she embarks on a journey to the far reaches of the kingdom, seeking the sun, the moon, and the stars, and finding more than she ever could have imagined.” (Goodreads)


My Review:

Spin the Dawn follows a young girl named Maia who must dress like her brother to try and secure the spot of imperial tailor to the emperor. She must keep her appearance up or face being sentenced to death and some would like to see that happen. She will also face her greatest task for the emperor’s bride-to-be as she must sew three magical dresses and if she fails it might not be just her life at stake.

The plot for this story is unique in its own way as it combines fantastical myths and alluring magic. No other book, as far as I know, has a magical pair of scissors that create such enchanting clothes and even then, Maia doesn’t use it as a crutch because she takes pride in her own work and doesn’t want to rely on magic.

Maia is a hardworker and loyal. She wants to do anything that will help her family get money besides marrying off for it. I felt for her when it came to her family but there wasn’t anything that made her unique. The relationship she stumbles into felt forced and I couldn’t get behind it. Edan was a more interesting character in the beginning but as their relationship progresses my like for him fizzled. None of the characters grasped my attention as they all felt flat.

The world building was also lacking and I really wanted more.

Overall, I wanted to love this book because the cover and synopsis are wonderful but it just lacked in too many areas for me. I know others will enjoy this book and I am sure its me and not the book.

The Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you to Bookish Kimberly for nominating me for this award! If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, I highly suggest checking it out!



The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Questions from Bookish Kimberly:


1.) Which country are you from?

I am from the United States!

2.) If you would suggest one beautiful tourist spot in your country, what would it be?

I would pick Yellowstone National Park. I have yet to go but the photos from there are just breathtaking!


3.) What’s your favorite hobby aside from reading books?

I dabble in cross-stitching every once and awhile!

4.) What’s your favorite book genre?

I absolutely love Fantasy! Usually YA but some Adult ones have caught my attention.

5.) Is there a quote from a book that has changed your life? If yes, what is it and from what book?

“There are good days and bad days for me – even now. Don’t let the hard days win.”

― Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

6.) If you had to swap places with any book character, who would you choose? Why?

I would switch with Tella because I want to meet my favorite book boyfriend Jacks! I am literally in love with him, haha.

7.) What is your favorite book you had to bring and read in school?

It would definitely be Hamlet by Shakespeare or The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

8.) What is your last 1-star & 5-star book?

Last 1-star: Never-Contented Things, last 5-star: The Vanishing Stair

9.) Choose one book you would recommend the most to your bookish friends.. and why?

The Illuminae Files!!! I will forever recommend this and it will always be my number one! The audiobook is fantastic and the characters will just steal your heart.

10.) Who is your favorite character in a book series?

Jacks the Prince of Hearts from the Caraval series.

11.) Which book do you wish had a sequel?

An Enchantment of Ravens. I felt it was rushed and would have loved it to be turned into two books.


My Questions:

1.) What book has had the biggest impact on your life?
2.) What was your last book hangover?
3.) Favorite book quote and why?
4.) What is your favorite color and what book cover best shows it off?
5.) Favorite book boyfriend/book girlfriend?
6.) Do you prefer standalone or series?
7.) Who is your favorite villain and why?
8.) Do you like morally grey characters?
9.) What got you into reading?
10.) Favorite book-to-movie adaption?
11.) What is your least favorite book genre?


I nominate:

A Court of Coffee and Books / Books & Blends / dinipandareads / LauReads / Goodey Reads / What’s In My Wonderland? / Odd and Bookish / On My BookShelf / The Geeky Jock / L.M. Durand / Personally, Emma

Friday Favorites: Plot Twists

Book Tag


Hello, fellow book lovers!

Today’s post is a tag that was created by Something of the Book and she has a whole list of Friday Favorites to follow.

Today is all about plot twists! I love a good plot twist, as I am sure anyone does! They can really add to a book. I will be listing what I love in a plot twist. So, here we go!

1.) Not Expected
I love when a plot twist isn’t expected. Sometimes it is hard to keep reading a book that is quite obvious.

2.) A Character Turns Out To Be Someone Else
This is literally one of my favorite twists! This happens a couple of times in An Ember in the Ashes and each time I was very surprised by the information.

3.) Death/Resurrection
I know that it is sad when a beloved character dies but it when it happens it is quite surprising. It is even more surprising after you grieve and they come back either by resurrection or the other characters jumping to conclusions. Either way it’s all great!

4.) Betrayal
Who doesn’t love a good betrayal? It adds to character development and adds a great shock factor!

And that’s it! I think, haha. I am sure I will think of more later to add but this what I got for now.

What do you love about plot twists?

The Gilded Wolves: Book Review

thegeekishbrunette review


39863498Title: The Gilded Wolves
Author: Roshani Chokshi
Rating: 2 stars

->Click for Synopsis<-

The Gilded Wolves follows a cursed heir who, with the help of his crew, must find a way to steal an ancient artifact. They will need to socialize with the elites and travel through the catacombs of Paris in hopes to find what they are looking for.

There has been a lot of hyper for this book before and after its publication date but for me it just fell a little short in certain areas.

The beginning chapters were quite hard to follow when it came to the plot. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t until Chapter 3 where I started to piece things together as to what they were trying to steal or even how any of the characters were connected. The beginning was certainly filled with action but it lacked in explaining and this happened quite often throughout the book especially when it came to different mythologies that are included in the plot.

The characters in this book a quite diverse and in a way reminded me of the gang from Six of Crows. They are sarcastic, charming, and of course they are planning a serious heist. They are all unique and come from interesting backgrounds, some backgrounds covered more than others.

One of the things I liked about the writing style was the different PoVs for each chapter. When it is done right it is a great way to see the plot from different perspectives. Another thing I liked about the writing was how lyrical it was at times.

Overall, it was a decent read but it just wasn’t really for me. I didn’t connect with the characters and it was hard to get into the plot from the beginning. I think many will enjoy this book especially if they love Six of Crows or like the movie National Treasure.