E-Arc Review: The Pearl in the Darkness by Santana Saunders

Title: The Pearl in the Darkness
Author: Santana Saunders
Genre: Sci-fi / Fantasy / Religion
Publication Date: November 10th, 2020
Publisher: Hummingbird & Tree Publishing, LLC

Thank you to the author for reaching out and giving me a free copy in exchange for a review!

“In a not-so-distant future, recurring acts of terrorism lead to the abolishment of all religions. Believers taking a stand against the ruling are placed in institutions. All existing Bibles, Qurans, and Vedas are destroyed—or so they thought.

Leora Smith, a witty, thirty-year-old medical transcriptionist, lives a quiet life due to a debilitating disorder and unwavering faith that must be kept hidden. Her world is turned upside down when a celestial being informs her of the forthcoming apocalypse and assigns her to recruit experts imperative to the subsistence of the society that will remain when the dust settles.

Each recruit has a story that can only be seen behind closed doors. Leora’s childhood friend and numerous enlightened allies band together in an effort to persuade the best and brightest.

As nature bends in accordance to the plan, Leora’s preconceived notions of everything good and evil are about to be tested.” (Goodreads)

Since learning about this book, I have been intrigued. The cover is fantastic and the blurb just really had me curious. I haven’t read many dystopian/apocalyptic books and am always open to them. When the author contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing I figured why not!

Not every book is going to be for every reader and this was the case for this one. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and the characters she created had interesting backgrounds but I had a hard time fully connecting to the story due to the religious aspects of it.

When it comes to personal preference, I just have a hard time with books that discuss the devil, end-times, and angels. I did know going into the book that religions would be banned but I didn’t know exactly what the rest of the plot would entail. Again, this is just personal preference. There were just certain things I couldn’t get behind due to my own beliefs.

I do think that others will like this book, whether they are religious or not. The author does give a unique take on her apocalyptic world and the characters in it.

Overall, this wasn’t a book for me but I do think it will be a book for others. If you enjoy dystopians/apocalyptic books, go ahead and give this one a try.