Recent Arcs #2



Hello Lovely Readers!

I did a post like this at the beginning of August where I share what arcs I have recently acquired. The newest ones I have all come from NetGalley minus one that I received from the authors. They also all came in at the same time which always happens! (I’ll never get caught up, haha.)

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1.) Scammed (Vale Hall #2) (No Cover Yet/Will be added)

2.) Don’t Read the Comments

3.) Knight of the Silver Circle

4.) Sensational (Spectacle #2)

5.) Echoes Between Us

6.) The Shrike & the Shadows (Provided by authors)

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In August I manged to read everything on my last list besides two. I’d say that is pretty good. Including these, I have 10 arcs to get through. I was in the single digits but NetGalley always gets me!

Are you wanting to read any of these? Do you have one of these as well? Let me know in the comments!

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