E-Arc Review: The Lost Love Song by Minnie Darke

Title: The Lost Love Song
Author: Minnie Darke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: October 13th, 2020
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an e-copy to review. All opinions are my own.

Behind every great love song is a great love story, from the author of Star-Crossed

Concert pianist Diana is finally ready to marry her longtime fiance, Arie; she’s even composing a beautiful love song for him, and finishes it while on tour. Before she can play it for him, though, tragedy strikes–and Diana is lost to Arie forever.

But her song might not be.

In Australia, the world has gone quiet for Arie and he lives his life accordingly, struggling to cope with his loss. In Scotland, a woman named Evie is taking stock of her life after the end of another lackluster almost-relationship. Years of wandering the globe and failing to publish her poetry have taken their toll, and she might finally be ready to find what her travels have never been able to give her: a real home. And through a quirk of fate or circumstance, Diana’s song is passed from musician to musician. By winding its way around the world, it just might bring these two lost souls together.

With heart-wrenching emotion, The Last Love Song explores what it means to be lost, what it means to be found, and the power of music to bring people together.” (Goodreads)

This book follows many different people but it follows one song. It’s hard to picture how it would all come together but the author does a fantastic job of weaving it all together.

I did like some of the characters stories more than others. Aries and Evie being my favorite. I would also say that they are the main focus.

Aries has lost a lot when it comes to losing Diane. You don’t just lose out on the love from that person but also the life you were planning to share together. I could only imagine losing my husband. I would be losing a rather large part of me. Aries doesn’t know where to go even after it’s been awhile since that fateful day. His story of finding himself after loss was one that I enjoyed reading about even if it made me all emotional.

When it comes to Evie, she is living a much different life. She is living the life of a drifter and traveling to wherever feels right at the moment. How freeing would it be to be able to drop everything and go somewhere new? She hasn’t had the best of luck with relationships and wants to find someone who will do anything to make sure she is a top priority. I like her character a lot. It takes her some time to realize what she wants and sets out to hopefully find it.

The plot is filled with love, first times, loss, and being found. There are different things going on in each person’s life but yet that one song brings them together even when they don’t realize it. It’s an emotional ride that’s hard to put down because you want everything to work out for the best even though you know how cruel the world can be.

Overall, I enjoyed this one a lot. It’s hard to write a review for it without giving away more from the story and my words seem to be failing me. I do know that this book will stick with me for awhile. I’d definitely recommend this one!