Book Review: Winterfast (Bridge of Legends #4) by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Title: Winterfast (Bridge of Legends #4)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: February 5th, 2020
Publisher: Indie
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Marielle is free from the clock and free from Grandfather Timeless but now that she’s free they’re in a worse situation than ever.
Stuck on the back of a city-sized flying dragon with their allies possessed by Legends and hunting them through the burnt-out city, how will Marielle and Tamerlan survive this madness?
Because as new information comes to light, it turns out they are the only two people who can save the Dragonblood Plains from distasters that are rooted in decisions made centuries ago.
Can Marielle and Tamerlan finally quell the dragons and put the Legends to rest forever?
Or are they already too late?” (Goodreads)

Here is another review for a book in this series! I’m still glad I have finally had some time to get back into it. This series is a real gem and definitely needs more love, especially since it is an indie book.

The book is still told through two point-of-views, Mariella and Tamerlan. They aren’t always on the same side when it comes to forming a plan. Etienne isn’t always a fan of them either. He is also too ready to sacrifice anyone as long as it’s not him. Sometimes I’d like to punch the guy, haha. I do think that they all have the same goal in mind. Also, Jhinn is still wonderful!

The plot has thickened in this book and it’s hard to figure out how everything will be set right in the last book. There is seriously so many plot lines going at this moment! I’m glad that we are continuously learning more about the legends. I can feel some sympathy towards them because the predicament they are in wasn’t their choice. It sucks when you no longer get to choose. I liked a lot of the conversations to be had around that and just being a decent human being/friend.

Until now, there hasn’t been too much information involving the dragons besides the basic. It has been expanded on a lot throughout this book. Although it is one-sided, I can see the understanding from their perspective and do feel bad for them. It’s also about choices being taken away. It’s one theme that has been consistent throughout.

Overall, this was another enjoyable installment. Sorry it is a smaller review but I don’t want to give too much away!


Goodreads Monday: The Raven and the Rush by Sarah M. Cradit (11/15/21)

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Title: The Raven and the Rush
Author: Sarah M. Cradit
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Publication Date: December 14th, 2021
Publisher: Indie

One raven. One boy. One destiny.

From the USA Today and International Bestselling Author of Kingdom of the White Sea comes a new series set in the same vibrant world: The Book of All Things. Escape into this story of destiny and forbidden love weaving together a fate bigger than man, bigger than magic.

Evrathedyn Blackrook whiles his days away at university, blissfully oblivious to the horrors afflicting his homeland. He escapes into dusty books, content as a second son.

Rhosynora Ravenwood spends her sleepless nights fantasizing of ways to escape her icy, suffocating dynasty. To flee her birthright is to invite a traitor’s penance. To stay is another kind of death.

But time and fate have a way of mending all mistakes.

Evra soon finds himself the new Lord Blackrook. His inheritance is a plague-ridden land, the pyres from his late father’s campaign against magic still smoldering.

His realm’s future in the balance, he travels beyond his borders to a remote northern hamlet, where he meets Rhosyn. The spark between them is immediate; the suspicion even stronger. In Rhosyn, Evra sees her rare magic as the perfect answer to his troubles. In Evra, Rhosyn sees everything wrong with the depraved world of men.

But Evra is out of options. And Rhosyn is out of time.

As they resist the undeniable, forbidden bond growing between them, Evra’s dawning horror of Rhosyn’s fate brings him to an impossible choice.

His home, or her?” (Goodreads)

I found this one on Bookstagram and I just love the cover so much! I can’t wait until it comes out.

Does this one sound like something you would read?

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-Joanna TheGeekishBrunette (1)

Book Review: Fae Conqueror (Tangled Fae #5) by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Title: Fae Conqueror (Tangled Fae #5)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Genre: YA Fantasy / Fae
Publication Date: July 13th, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

She can conquer the Fae – but at what cost?

From USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson comes this thrilling conclusion to a deliciously trope-filled young adult romantic fantasy series about a viciously funny mortal girl and her quest to hunt, trap, and conquer powerful fae.

Allie had an army, allies, and a plan, but with all of those things slipping through her fingers she is being driven further and further toward a path she hadn’t planned to take and a choice she didn’t want to make.

How selfless is Allie, really? Would she give her own life to save her people … and her new husband?

Or will she have to carve out another way forward? And what might that way cost her?” (Goodreads)

Fae Hunter / Fae Captive / Fae Nightmare / Fae Pursuit

I have finally finished the series! And with that comes heartache as I have to say goodbye to another group of characters and the world that they live in. It’s always bittersweet.

Since this is a conclusion there was a lot of plot lines that needed to be tied up before the end and I think the author did a really good job with this. The stakes are still quite high when it comes to the impending doom of the human world and Allie is giving it her all to rid the mortal realm of the fae. She is also throwing insults every step of the way while doing it, ha. Honestly, the humor never ends in these books and I love it.

The relationship between Scouvrel and Allie is still one that has big impact in the games they are playing but it’s very minor intimately between them. They aren’t always on the page together but when they are their moments together are still sweet but nonethless have a good amount of banter. I still wish there would have been a bit more from them though.

I did think her sister would have a bigger role after book three but with another evil introduced her role kind of minored out and the other was more of a threat. I didn’t mind it though as it gave more plot twists.

A lot of good messages can be found throughout the book like sacrifice and having hope that someone can change.

Overall, this was a great conclusion. I’m glad I have another series knocked off.

Book Review: Fae Pursuit (Tangled Fae #4) by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Title: Fae Pursuit (Tangled Fae #4)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Genre: YA Fantasy / Fae
Publication Date: June 5th, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Allie Hunter is playing a dangerous game for mortals.

From USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson comes a deliciously trope-filled young adult romantic fantasy about a viciously funny mortal girl and her quest to hunt, trap, and conquer powerful fae.

Allie thought she was saving her own mortality and stopping the Fae incursion when she killed the Balance – one of four Fae roles – and took a particularly essential Fae as her captive.

But Allie didn’t think through the consequences. Now, she has one of the four roles of the Faewald. A role she must fulfil by force of magic.

Worse, the Blood Moon has risen in the Faewald and that means it is the time of the Wild Hunt.

Can Allie find a way to save her people while fleeing the Wild Hunt and fighting against a magic that seeks to control her?

It’s still just one mortal girl against the Faewald, but now the stakes couldn’t be higher.

For lovers of The Cruel Prince and An Enchantment of Ravens comes a world of violent fae, trickery, and magic. Grab the fourth book of the Tangled Fae series today!” (Goodreads)

Fae Hunter / Fae Captive / Fae Nightmare

I have been determined to get some series I have started completed and I am back to this one! I can see the finish line!

There are so many good things to say about this book like the cat and mouse games that Scouvrel and Allie play. You never know which one is which because their roles are always switching. I also like that Allie is determined to play the fae games by her own rules. She is kindhearted and still tries to save the human world even when they weren’t kind to her. She definitely doesn’t hold a grudge towards them but the same can’t be said for her twin sister or Scouvrel, haha.

When it comes to the romance aspect, there isn’t much besides a few kisses here and there. I’m okay with this but I will say that sometimes I wish there relationship would progress past the games a bit more. I do like their back and forth but it still feels the same as previous books.

As with the other books, I am never expecting what will happen when it comes to the plot. Characters from previous books make appearances and really know what it means to be a plot twist. I liked that there was more from her sister and there has also been glimpses into the past when it comes to events that have previously happened in the faeworld. Everything is coming together and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in the fifth and final book!

Overall, this was another great installment!

Book Review: Fae Nightmare (Tangled Fae #3) by Sarah K.L. Wilson

Title: Fae Nightmare (Tangled Fae #3)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Genre: YA Paranormal / Fantasy
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The hunt is on.

Allie Hunter has lost ten years in the blink of an eye.
But though the town she left has changed, some things – the worst things – remain exactly the same.
As Allie battles conflicting loyalties, the censure of the town, and her own broken family, she begins to realize that she might be the only one standing in the way of a war between fae and mortals.
Can she possibly craft a trap good enough to stop the coming fae army?” (Goodreads)

Book One Review / Book Two Review

After finishing up the second one as a reread before finally continuing on with this series, I was really excited to dive in. The cliffhanger tugged at my heartstrings and I needed to know what would happen to our heroine Allie and the devious Scouvrel. Good thing I bought all the books last year, haha. This whole series is available on Kindle Unlimited as well.

Since this is book three on of the series, be prepared for spoilers!

Allie is back in the mortal realm and honestly it is the worst. Everything has changed as time moves much differently and ten years have passed for her village. The ones she grew up with are older and have taken on different roles. Those she thought were friends are in much higher positions of power and have changed their ways. It’s not the life Allie remembers and I’m sure it would be hard to get used to. The only thing that hasn’t changed is their hatred towards Fae and magic. This gets Allie into a lot of trouble but I do love her fighting spirit!

Very little of the book takes place in the Fae realm but I didn’t mind as the last book was solely focused there. It was a nice change of scenery even if most of the people living in her village are dillweeds and treat her like she has a plague. I do understand why at times she thought about leaving them to the fate the fae had in store for them. It wouldn’t be easy to help those who want nothing to do with it. Although there was growth for one person in particular that had been cruel in the first book and I liked seeing the change.

As for Scouvrel, he is still playing those games! I’m never sure whether to trust him or not. He has his own agenda and maybe he does truly care for her but it could also just be a way to save himself. Either way, I love his morally greyness and find him irresistible nonetheless! He may not have been super presence but I did love what was seen of him.

The plot was intriguing and added new characters and some very intense plot twists. It’s hard to see how it will all play out in the end because there are so many moving parts. I mean, the Fae do love their games.

The only thing I wish I had more of is a backstory for Allie’s sister. She is the opposite of Allie and I still can’t figure out her motives! It’s not like no one liked her in the mortal realm but it does seem she likes power. I hope we get more about her thinking in the next book.

Overall, this was a great edition to the series. I am still loving the characters and finding the plot to be entertaining. I am looking forward to starting the fourth book soon!

Book Review: Fae Captive (Tangled Fae Book #2) by Sarah K.L. Wilson


Title: Fae Captive (Tangled Fae Book #2)
Author: Sarah K.L. Wilson
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: February 13th, 2020
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

synopsis header
“Think you could craft the perfect bargain?
From USA Today bestselling author Sarah K. L. Wilson comes the second book in this stunning new fantasy series.
Allie Hunter thought all she had to do was make an exchange to buy back her father’s life. She was wrong. Mortals are so often wrong about the Faewald. Usually, that kills them, or mires them in bargains that will suck their life out sip by sip.

With Allie caught in a cage and the Fae she had once tormented her new captor, can she strike the right bargain to save everything she loves?

For lovers of The Cruel Prince and An Enchantment of Ravens comes a world of violent fae royals, trickery, and magic. Grab the second book of this hot new series today!(Goodreads)

I have been waiting for this book since I finished the first in January. Besides Acotar, this is my favorite book about Fae. They are more cunning and cruel then the others I have read about and I am so here for it! When I saw it was available sooner than I had originally thought I couldn’t resist diving in straight away.

Allie and Scouvrel are back. Allie is still determined as ever to but obviously he isn’t going to let her go just yet. I like how the first book was about him stuck in the cage and second book is all about her being stuck. It’s fun to see both sides of the coin. Their banter is stronger than ever and there feelings are definitely changing between each other. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to resist him even if he does use a glamour. He is just so irresistable!

The plot keeps ramping up and more is at stake. We also get more from Allie’s sister and I can tell you right now, I do not like her one bit. I really hope she ends up getting what she deserves. There are more than one plot twist and it’s amazing how this author can pack so much into a smaller book. Mad props!

This series is one that has grasped onto me and won’t let go. The world building is done well and the changing of the setting is always exciting. I love that even though a few days pass in the fae realm but time works different and it could be more in the mortal realm. This plays out at the end and man, that ending was intense! I can’t wait to see how this will all turn out.

Overall, I can’t help but love this series. It gets better and better with each book and I am sure that book three will be no exception. Hold on to your feelings, folks!

-Joanna TheGeekishBrunette (1)

Book Review: Tin (Fairies of Oz #1) by Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell

Title: Tin (Fairies of Oz #1)
Authors: Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell
Genre: Adult Fantasy / Romance / Retelling
Publication Date: December 9th, 2020
Publisher: Indie Published
Rating: 2 Stars

(Found on Kindle Unlimited)

“Tin is the most famous fae in Oz for all the wrong reasons. Cursed with a stone heart, he is the perfect assassin: ruthless, efficient, and merciless with thousands of kills to his name. When his old friend, Lion, offers him a small fortune to deliver Dorothy to the South for his lover to wear the girl’s head as her own, Tin doesn’t hesitate to accept the unsavory deal.

Dorothy Gale lost everything—her family to illness, her dog to age, and now her farm to foreclosure. The entire town thought she was crazy for believing in a faerie world called Oz, but even after ten years have passed, she can’t help knowing she was right. So when an emerald green portal opens in her wheat field, she jumps at the opportunity to return to the only place she ever felt like she belonged.

Tin wasn’t expecting a grown woman to step through the portal, just as Dorothy wasn’t expecting Tin to have his stone heart back, but Oz holds more unexpected things than either could have imagined. Magic has hidden dangerous lies behind glamour, trapped innocents in curses, and left the land of Oz in turmoil—none more so than the South. As Tin and Dorothy travel together for the second time in a decade, their lives begin to make sense again. Soon, they must decide who to give their loyalties to before Lion takes Dorothy’s head and Tin’s cursed heart is forever doomed.” (Goodreads)

I haven’t been doing much with my Kindle Unlimited TBR and I really need to get on it!

This was a book I added last year for the main reason that it involved fae/fairies. Stories about them always sound so intriguing. I just can’t help myself. Sadly, this one fell short in a lot of ways but it was at least an interesting take on the classic The Wizard of Oz.

The book is split into two point-of-views: Dorothy and Tin. The first chapter comes from Tin’s perspective and we are drawn into this crazy world that isn’t anything like the classic as it is much darker. Dorothy’s friends aren’t who she left behind and they definitely have their own agendas.

Even though I was intrigued by the beginning, the rest of the book just didn’t grasp my attention. There is romance blooming between Tin and Dorothy but it just didn’t work for me and needed more development. This could be due to the fact that the book is very short in the first place. It doesn’t leave much development for anything. Another reason why I never felt for the characters either.

There are some interesting plot twists here and there but it still just wasn’t enough.

Overall, this was okay. It is a unique retelling and I am sure others will like but I am just not the right reader for it.

Arc Review: Pastel Pink (Zadok #1) by Nikki Minty

Title: Pastel Pink (Zadok #1)
Author: Nikki Minty
Genre: YA Fantasy / Sci-fi
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: 2 stars

Thank you to BooksGoSocial and Netgalley for an earc to read in exchange for a review!

“From one ending comes a new beginning…
Ruby was murdered on Earth eighteen years ago and reincarnated on Zadok as a Pastel Zeek named Harlow. To be born at the bottom of her race’s caste colour system to a middle-class family of Magentas has made Harlow a source of conflict amongst the ruling Purples, and a source of derision from all three colours.
When Harlow is attacked by a fuegor on Zadok, the effects of its slow reacting venom triggers an unforeseen phenomenon, and due to the strong connection she had with her former twin sister Jade, her human spirit is unexpectedly drawn back to Earth.
Now living a double life, she has plunged into a world of intrigue on both planets.

On earth, she watches on in horror as Jade reconnects with Lucas, the man who murdered her and got away with it. And to complicate things further, she’s being pursued by Alex, the ghost of Lucas’ twin. On Zadok, she becomes embroiled with Jax, the son of the Commanding family. He’s determined to bring about change to the colony’s colour system, but it’ll come at a cost.

As Harlow mixes with the political intrigue of the Zeeks, will she become a victim of those trying to rigidly maintain the status quo or will she usher in a revolution?
And will ghost Ruby resist the temptation of the handsome Alex or pursue an impossible relationship that could have dire consequences on both planets?” (Goodreads)

I always like to try indie books because sometimes they really surprise me and I find new authors to enjoy. I was looking forward to this one after seeing it as a “read now” on Netgalley. Plus, the cover is just so pretty! I really like the colors and it’s eye-catching.

For the first 18%, I was enjoying what I was reading. The writing was good and there were different plot points that kept me engaged. Nothing really stood out to me until the colors of the characters skins became more of an issue and different distinctions shot up red flags.

I did run these things by others to make sure I wasn’t jumping to conclusions and others saw the same issues I did. As someone mentioned, this could have not been beta read and since the author is from Australia that may also be a reason. I’m not sure but let’s just get into the discussion.

In the second chapter, we are introduced to Harlow who is a Pastel. In her region of the planet there is a construct for the different colors of skin. The top is Purple, middle is Magenta, and Pastel is at the bottom. Each one has a different job/task based on their color. Pastels are seen as weak and useless. Sometimes they are born blind or lose their sight.

Again nothing occurred to me until a Purple, the commander’s son, started talking about how these people shouldn’t be segregated as right now they are separated by the different colors. He wants to change it while others, his mother included, do not want to. This just seemed oddly similar to our own history in America. Another thing that added to this point is when there is a comic and words in illustrations that say, “No Pastels Allowed.”.

There was also a passage that talked about how the men wear their hair and that they would have dreadlocks or cornrows. She also made sure to mention that Zavier, a Pastel, had a tangled mess instead of the other two hairstyles. Both of those hairstyles are usually linked to the black community. Later on in the book, the author describes a character of being, “…tall powerful physique of a female basketball player from the human world–only curvier, sexier.” Before that she mentioned that this character has muscular thighs. If I remember correctly, this character was a Purple so she was at the top.

On this planet there are also other groups of people living, one being the vallon. They are described as having red skin. A few passages about them did remind me of Native Americans. One of those reasonings being the color of their skin and they are also mentioned as riding horses, raiding colonies, and stealing young pastel girls. They also come from the desert and Harlow described them as being jealous of her colony having all the best resources.

There are other passages that made me feel uneasy about the chosen color system for these characters but I don’t want this review to be too long. I will say that at least there was talk about being one race and wanting unity but it still left a bad taste. I’m just not sure what the intentions behind it all were.

As for the rest of the book, I did like the writing. There is violence in this book and it does start off with it. It’s definitely what kept me interested in reading. The two timelines come from Harlow and her as Ruby’s ghost. There is also two point-of-views. All of this can be overwhelming at times as it doesn’t leave too much room for explaining the world-building better as we are thrown from one place to the next.

When it came to the world-building, I was a bit confused. On the planet that Harlow lives there is modern conveniences like a hospital and café but they also do jobs as hunters and gatherers. They even trade for supplies. They also don’t live in modern homes as their dwelling place is in caverns. I’m not really sure exactly how all of this goes together and I just had a really hard time trying to imagine it all in my head.

Another thing about the world-building is that animals, or monsters as I’m not sure, were never described and neither was some of the different words used by the people. One phrase being, “…the deeper the pigment, the bigger the whingers.” This was used to describe those complaining at the café. This could also be seen as another point to the above when it comes to race.

The only other thing I want to mention is the character of Alex. I liked him at the beginning but by the end I hated him. He was literally giving his brother a free pass when it came to murder and wanting to murder other people because of his childhood. It just wasn’t good.

Overall, this started out strong but quickly took a turn that left me feeling uncomfortable with the color system of this book. Although there were a few interesting plot points, I can’t say that I would recommend this book or that I will be continuing on with this series.

Book Review: Tiger Unbound by Evangeline Rain

Title: Tiger Unbound
Author: Evangeline Rain
Genre: Adult Historical Fiction / Romance
Publication Date: June 13th, 2020
Publisher: Indie Published
Rating: 2 stars

(Found on Kindle Unlimited)

“An action-packed romance set in ancient China.

The Zhao Kingdom was about to be invaded by the approaching army of the Wei Kingdom.

Rather than suffer the insult of a defeat, the King of Zhao chose to hang himself. Princess Zhao Xuan woke up to find that she was the only one left out of her family’s suicide plans. Refusing to abandon her people, the headstrong princess decided to pick up the mantle and meet Prince Wei Xing in the battlefield.

A duel for the fate of her kingdom.

An unexpected proposal.

A strained marriage to the prince of the enemy kingdom.

Could love help the unconventional princess survive the oppressive social structures which she had rebelled against her whole life?

Warning: This book depicts scenes of suicide and violence.” (Goodreads)

I saw the cover on Kindle Unlimited and immediately added it to my tbr. The blurb also had my attention too.

When I started reading it, it reminded me of Mulan and how she became a soldier. Xuan does it for different reasons but still resembles Mulan in the way she carries herself and what she likes to do.

Even though this had the makings for a great story, it fell short for a couple reasons.

The first reason it fell short was that the romance and start of the relationship happens very quickly. There is not enough time to get to know Xuan or the prince. He also seems too good to be true and I just didn’t like him that much.

The second reason is that the plot moves so quickly because it is a short book. I wish the author would have made the book longer so that there would have been more from the characters, romance, and world-building.

Overall, it was okay. I just needed more from it.

Arc Review: Mercurial by Naomi Hughes

Title: Mercurial
Author: Naomi Hughes
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Publisher: Self-Published
Rating: ⭐⭐

Thank you to the author and netgalley for an earc to read in exchange for a review.

Snow, blood, and magic: this story is perfect for fans of the Grishaverse and The Winner’s Kiss series.

Everyone in the Alloyed Empire fears the Destroyer. The metal in her blood gives her incendiary powers, and the coldness in her heart makes her the empress’s perfect weapon…until a rebel attack leaves her with no magic and no memories.

Her bodyguard, Tal, has long since regretted his idealistic hope of saving the Destroyer. Now that she’s powerless he can finally end her reign of terror—if he can stop himself from falling for the wicked, funny, utterly unfamiliar girl she’s become.

Nyx was furious when her brother, Tal, abandoned her to protect a tyrant. Now, she hones herself as a rebel assassin until she can kill the Destroyer and rescue Tal. But the closer she gets, the more she realizes the entire empire hinges on the decisions the three of them will make…” (Goodreads)

I wasn’t aware of this book until I came across it on Netgalley. It was a “read now” so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try especially because the cover is fantastic and blurb sounded quite intriguing. Sadly, this is probably a case of it’s me and not the book as others have really enjoyed it, but I never found myself ever connecting with it.

When it came to the characters, I was intrigued at the beginning. There was a lot of potential for them. They do go through a lot, especially Tal and the Destroyer aka Elodie but without a connection I just couldn’t feel any emotions towards what they were going through. There is also memory loss but I feel like that stunted their overall growth.

Nyx was the character I enjoyed the most because she stayed true to her actions and who she was. I liked that she was determined to save her brother no matter the cause.

There are two different relationships in the book. The relationship with Tal and Elodie just didn’t work for me. I think a lot of the development happened off the pages in the two years of him being her bodyguard leading up to all of this. I never felt the chemistry and I don’t think the memory loss helped. I understand that he was devoted to her but it isn’t enough to convince me of their love for one another.

Another issue I had was the world-building. It was very lacking and I still have many unanswered questions when it comes to their magic system, their religion, and even the empire as a whole. There wasn’t much description for the places they were at either.

The last thing I wanted to talk about was how sometimes things just didn’t make sense.


One example of things not making sense is how did Tal go his whole time in the empire not ever getting a cut to where people would know he bled silver which was a death sentence?

Elodie aka the Destroyer finds a boy (Tal) after being in an explosion and sees that his leg is bent behind him. She doesn’t realize he bleeds silver until the next chapter? (If I remember correctly) because he gets a cut. If he was in an explosion and he has a broken leg, wouldn’t there be some form of blood?

Now, she is dealing with memory loss at this time and that would be a good excuse but I’m pretty sure she still had her memory loss at the time he gets cut. So yeah, I don’t get it.

*End of Spoilers!*

The action of the book is pretty good and the plot twists aren’t bad. They are the two reasons I kept going. They just weren’t enough for me to like this one.

Overall, it was okay. I wish I could have loved it but it just wasn’t for me. Like I said above, others have enjoyed this one and I’m sure there will be more that will like it too.