Beacon Book Box Unboxing: Five Dark Fates


Hello Bookworms!

I am coming at you with another unboxing that should have been posted awhile ago, heh. Oopsie!


This special edition box comes from Beacon Book Box. I posted another unboxing from there for Stalking jack the Ripper which can be found here. One good thing about this company is that they are great for when it comes to shipping on time. I have had one issue with them which was discussed in the other unboxing. I did eventually get replacements but they sent the first ones to my sister and not the address I had given them. Not sure how that happened. In total it took about 4-5 emails with them from beginning of September to the last part of October. That’s a good bit of time especially when they said they would get to it by a certain date.

I am glad that they finally replaced them. Hopefully for others it won’t take as long. I will most likely purchase from them again because I do enjoy their special edition boxes and find them to be worth the money. I do not care for their monthly boxes and that is just my preference.

Anyways, let’s get into the unboxing!


Included In This Box:

  • “Three Sisters” Blanket (@nisha_letters)
  • Katharine Inspired Throw Pillow Cover (@blanca.designs)
  • “Three Queens” Tapestry (@rachel.hanke27)
  • Fennbirn Crest Enamel Pin (@sjwonderlandz)
  • Familiar Booksleeve (@sjwonderlandz)
  • Three Queens Candle (novellyyours)
  • Priestess Luca’s Calming Chamomile Tea (@thesimplybookishco)
  • Group Character Cards (@dianadworak)
  • Signed/Numbered Print- Queen Katharine’s Royal Portrait (@alrooneyart)
  • Luke Gillespie Soap Bar (@littlebearries)
  • Bonus Content from Kendare Blake
  • Signed Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake



I love the tapestry so much! The artwork is beautiful and I already have it hanging in my office! I also use the blanket everyday.

Least Favorite:

I wasn’t really a fan of the pin. I’m not one that collects them. I also only keep the ones I really like. This one just missed the mark for me.


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Five Dark Fates: Book Review

book review


35391237._SY475_.jpgTitle: Five Dark Fates (Three Dark Crowns #4)
Author: Kendare Blake
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2019

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Since this is the fourth and final book, a synopsis will not be posted here but can be found here.

Book review for Three Dark Crowns
Book review for One Dark Throne
Book review for Two Dark Reigns

You can find reviews for the first three books by clicking each title.

I will also have a paragraph at the bottom of this review to talk about my opinion overall for the series.

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My Review:

I had high hopes for this one. Maybe it was because it’s the last book in the series or maybe it was that ending from book two. Regardless of what the cause was, I just had my expectations set too high.

For a book that is so long there wasn’t much substance to it. I found myself bored more times than I could count and was skimming bits here and there. It reminded me of the first book in a lot of ways and I am not sure how this got better in book two and three to slide back down to just being, “yeah, I guess it was alright.”

This was very much plot driven and the characters lacked because of it. The side characters were also the stars of the show and I wasn’t a fan of it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like good side characters and usually I do want more from them but for this particular book, I didn’t like the characters. I really wanted to see more from Mirabella and Katherine but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Even the dead queens were kind of thrown to the side and when you thought you would see them in action it never happened and we only saw the aftermath of what they could do. I also wish Pietyr would have stayed down or died. He was unnecessary and was only used as a plot twist that didn’t really go anywhere.I just needed more from everyone!

Since the book was plot driven, I thought the plot twists would be interesting. Sure, there were some that I was surprised/emotionally effected by but overall they just kind of felt like too much. A few of the plot points from book three appear again but don’t even add anything to this plot really. They are there and then gone. No loose ends were ever tied. The ending, and pretty much the whole book, felt rushed and was disappointing to say the least.

Overall, I did really enjoy book two and three. I don’t know what happened when it came to book four but it had the potential to be great and it was just lackluster. This year has been one disappointment after another when it comes to book series and this one will be added to that list.