Arc Review: A Fire Endless (Elements of Cadence #2) by Rebecca Ross

Title: A Fire Endless (Elements of Cadence #2)
Author: Rebecca Ross
Genre: Adult Fantasy / Romance
Publication Date: December 6th, 2022
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Arc Review: A River Enchanted (Elements of Cadence #1) by Rebecca Ross

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for a complimentary earc to review! All opinions are my own.

“East and West. Humans and Spirits. Breccans and Tamerlaines. The Isle of Cadence has always held itself and its residents in a tenuous balance. But now Bane, the spirit of the North Wind, has pushed everyone and everything in his path off-kilter in a bid to claim dominion over all.
In the West, Adaira struggles to adjust to the more brutal, bitter ways of life among the Breccans. Striving to find her place in the clan, she swiftly realizes that it just might be the last role she desires to hold. And while magic blooms effortlessly for the Breccans in the west, the spirits continue to suffer beneath Bane’s harsh power, felt in every gust of wind.
In the East, Jack is adrift without Adaira until he sings to the ember-weak fire spirits, acquiring a dangerous mission he never expected. One that is destined to lead him westward. Likewise, Torin and Sidra are consumed by a new mystery as sickness spreads first amongst the crops, and then to the people of the Tamerlaine clan. While Sidra desperately searches for a cure, Torin dares to strike a bargain with the spirits—a precarious folly anytime, but especially now as the days grow darker.
With the island falling further out of balance, humans and spirits alike will need to join together to face Bane, and Jack’s gift with the harp will be called upon once more. Yet no one can challenge the North Wind without paying a terrible price, and the sacrifice required this time may be more than Jack, Adaira, Torin, and Sidra can bear to pay.”

This was everything I wanted and more! This is my favorite duology to date and I will talk about it forever.

The book is told from multiple point-of-views just like in the first book. All of the characters are back and a few new ones also make their entrance and it was nice to get to know more about the spirits and their realm.

If you asked me who my favorite couple in this duology is I wouldn’t be able to tell you. Each pairing brings a different struggle to the table and a different sort of love. Each one melts your heart and also breaks it at the same time. It’s not even the romantic relationships either. The sibling bonds and parental ones are just as important. I cried tears of happiness and sadness, sometimes at the same time haha. It’s just so easy to get wrapped up and feel some sort of way towards what is happening to the characters. There is great character development!

I will say that, and maybe this is me picking haha, but I could see my personal relationship in Torin and Sidra’s. Through their struggles and not always seeing eye-to-eye and speaking out in anger. It made them very relatable and maybe that is why it hit so hard.

After the last book and the way that it ended I knew what one of the plot lines would be but I wasn’t expecting everything else that came with it. There were some wild moments and I was in utter disbelief at what I was reading! This is one of those books that you get anxious about and you have to continuously read because you have to know what will happen! My poor heart couldn’t take the suspense.

It’s really hard to put into words how this book made me feel. Usually five star reads are an easy review but this book was just so beautifully written and wonderful that it makes me at a loss for words.

Overall, this book was just amazing! No complaints at all. If you haven’t read this duology yet then get to it! You won’t be disappointed.