Arc Review: On Spine of Death (By the Book #2) by Tamara Berry

Title: On Spine of Death (By the Book #2)
Author: Tamara Berry
Genre: Cozy Mystery / Contemporary
Publication Date: November 29th, 2022
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for a complimentary earc to review! All opinions are my own.

“In the aftermath of solving their first murder, bestselling author Tess Harrow and her teenage daughter Gertrude have decided to stay in Winthrop permanently. Now that they’ve made some updates to their cabin in the woods, they’re turning to the family hardware store that Tess inherited and converting it into the town’s first independent bookstore. But when renovations unearth bones from a cold case and send them toppling—literally—onto Tess’s head, the work comes to a grinding halt. With the whole town convinced that her grandfather was a serial killer, Tess has to call in a fellow horror author for reinforcements. Together, they’ll come up with a perfect story to make all the clues fit…and solve a mystery more than thirty years in the making.” (Goodreads)

What another thrilling book in this series!

The book is told once again from the point-of-view of Tess Harrow, a mystery writer who recently moved to the small town of Winthrop. It hasn’t been a quiet time either because bodies keep popping up. Tess is on the case and somehow keeps stumbling into trouble.

I love Tess. She is funny and loves pestering the sheriff. He still may not want to admit his feelings but I can see her weaseling her way into his heart. They both have different ways of handling situations and her method is usually going in guns a blazing, it doesn’t always work out in her favor though. Her daughter is another great character and I like that she has been diving into her own hobbies which still end up involving mysteries and bodies. What a weird family, haha.

New characters have also popped up and I am curious to see if they will have more to their story arc, one in particular!

As with the last book, I did not see the big reveal going down the way that it did, let alone figure out who it was! I didn’t suspect them and kind of feel like an idiot for not, ha. It was a great plot and I loved going along for the ride.

Overall, this was another great cozy mystery. I am very happy that I found this author.

6 thoughts on “Arc Review: On Spine of Death (By the Book #2) by Tamara Berry

  1. I recently saw this one at the bookstore & have really wanted to read some more cozy mysteries. So glad you loved this one, Tess sounds like a fun character to follow, may look into this series after reading your review!! 😌✨

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