Manga Review: The King’s Beast Vol. 2-7 by Rei Toma

Title: The King’s Beast Vol. 2-7
Author: Rei Toma
Genre: YA Manga / Fantasy / Romance
Publication Date: May 4th, 2021 – August 2nd, 2022
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Ajin boys who show signs of special abilities are conscripted to serve in the imperial palace as beast-servants—status symbols and shields for their royal masters, to be kept or discarded on a whim. When they were children, Rangetsu’s twin brother Sogetsu was ripped from her arms and sent to the palace to attend Prince Tenyou as a beast-servant, where he quickly fell victim to bloody dynastic intrigues. Now in a world that promises only bitterness, Rangetsu’s one hope at avenging her brother is to disguise herself as a man and find a way into the palace!
Rangetsu knows she must keep a low profile in the palace if she’s to have any hope of tracking down her brother’s killer. But when an Ajin is wrongly accused of murder, can Rangetsu stand idly by knowing that Prince Tenyou has the power to prevent another horrible injustice?” (Goodreads)

This series just gets better and better!

I’m glad that my library had them all to borrow because I binged them all in one day, haha.

Rangetsu and Prince Tenyou are definitely great characters and I love how their development is going. It also has a great trope of secret identity which makes for some jaw dropping moments! One in particular wasn’t my favorite though because it had to do with taking advantage of someone which kind of just felt icky.

The solving of the murder has been slow going, but I understand why. It is very complex and Rangetsu must get to know the other princes since they are all suspects. Each of the princes are very different and so are their beast servants. She can get under their skin easily but I also think she makes them better in some ways as well since her view of the world is very different. She is committed to seeing her kind be treated differently and she won’t stop until it happens.

Their has been hints of romance with Tenyou being more forward. I wouldn’t say there is a love triangle but you can tell that one of the other princes wants more from Rangetsu. It adds a lot of jealousy!

Overall, this has been great so far. I love the illustrations and the development of the characters. There have been some major cliffhangers going on so I am looking forward to seeing where it all goes.


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