Book Review: Funny Feelings by Tarah Dewitt

Title: Funny Feelings
Author: Tarah Dewitt
Genre: Adult Contemporary / Romance
Publication Date: April 28th, 2022
Publisher: Indie
Rating: ⭐⭐

“Farley Jones is being forced to date Meyer Harrigan, the man she has come to love, in order to make all of her stand-up dreams come true.
It’s agony— a tragedy, even. In lieu of flowers, please send cash…
Meyer and his daughter Hazel have been everything to her since they came into her life three years ago. So, all joking aside, the stakes really are high when it’s not only her career, but both of those relationships on the line. A former stand-up star himself, Meyer has helped the trajectory of her career take off since he began managing her… Since he became her closest and most treasured friend, in the process.
This is the only reason why, when the biggest opportunity of Farley’s career includes thrusting him back into the spotlight to stir up publicity, he agrees— despite his grumpiness, his protectiveness over Hazel, and his disdain for public attention.
When helping her includes taking those barriers down, all those funny feelings start coming out into the open, and it quickly begins to feel like anything but a joke.” (Goodreads)

I don’t think that this book was bad, but it just wasn’t for me.

I’ve only recently read another book about a character who was a stand-up comedian and it wasn’t a favorite of mine. It was an interesting job to learn about but something that just didn’t leave me wanting more. I guess I should have reread the blurb again because I would have known this would have that. Definitely on me! Ha.

Also, friends-to-lovers isn’t a trope that I tend to like. I can count on one hand how many books with it that I have enjoyed. Again, not the book’s fault but just personal taste.

I do think that there were sweet moments between them and I am a sucker for a dad. They tend to be a cinnamon roll, especially around their kids.

Overall, this wasn’t for me but could be one for you! I’d check it out despite my review, especially if you like the things I mentioned.


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Funny Feelings by Tarah Dewitt

  1. I recently read TWO books with stand-up comedians and I found the humor of a stand-up comedian doesn’t translate well to the written word, but in these cases, the story and the characters made up for the humor. I think a stand-up comedian’s performance is what makes so many of the jokes work.

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