Arc Review: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

Title: Belladonna
Author: Adalyn Grace
Genre: YA Fantasy / Romance
Publication Date: August 30th, 2022
Publisher: Little, Brown for Young Readers
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for a complimentary earc to review! All opinions are my own.

“Orphaned as a baby, nineteen-year-old Signa has been raised by a string of guardians, each more interested in her wealth than her well-being—and each has met an untimely end. Her remaining relatives are the elusive Hawthornes, an eccentric family living at Thorn Grove, an estate both glittering and gloomy. Its patriarch mourns his late wife through wild parties, while his son grapples for control of the family’s waning reputation and his daughter suffers from a mysterious illness. But when their mother’s restless spirit appears claiming she was poisoned, Signa realizes that the family she depends on could be in grave danger and enlists the help of a surly stable boy to hunt down the killer.
However, Signa’s best chance of uncovering the murderer is an alliance with Death himself, a fascinating, dangerous shadow who has never been far from her side. Though he’s made her life a living hell, Death shows Signa that their growing connection may be more powerful—and more irresistible—than she ever dared imagine.” (Goodreads)

I was a little hesitant to start this one since I wasn’t the biggest fan of her first duology but, THIS WAS AMAZING AND I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. Anyways, haha. Let’s just move right along because I know you are curious.

The book is told from one point-of-view and it comes from Signa. She has been an orphan since she was a baby and has moved from guardian to guardian since then. Each guardian unfortunately meets an untimely demise. The author really knows how to hook you in through just those two details from the beginning. I had kind of forgotten what the blurb had mentioned so maybe that helped as well.

Signa is strong, independent, and authentically herself. She may at times try to follow a lady’s guide but I think it’s more so that those around her don’t judge her than for herself. I love her true self and it’s nice to see certain characters appreciate that quality about her. I’m not going to lie though, sometimes she veers towards morally gray and even I questioned whether I could make that decision if I was her. She definitely kept me on my toes!

Want to know my favorite character? Death. I know what you are thinking. How can Death be a character? Well, he is and he is glorious! In ways he reminds me of Jacks from Caraval/OUABH, but he does have his own qualities and they make him swoon worthy. He made me, laugh, cry, and feel happiness which probably isn’t what death is supposed to do but oh well. Call me crazy!

The romance is everything I had wanted it to be and more. It was slow but the connection between the two was strong and they bring out the best and worst of each other. I just need more and I can’t wait for book two.

There is a lot to the plot and one line involves murder. I didn’t think that would be something but it worked really well with everything else and even I couldn’t spot the culprit. It was well done and had me guessing until the very end. Some characters you just love to hate, you know what I mean?

And if you aren’t sold yet, how about the ability to see spirits? Signa has the ability and I liked seeing her interact with them. They were all unique and added to the plot in different ways.

Plus, the ending is wild! Wild and unbelievable and I need the sequel now! I’m going to be thinking about it for a while.

Overall, this was so worth the read and I just need people to read it so I can gush about it more. Haha!

10 thoughts on “Arc Review: Belladonna by Adalyn Grace

  1. so glad you loved this Joanna, I’m currently reading it & not having the most glowing thoughts 🥲…I do like Signa and I’m interested in seeing how the mystery wraps up leading into book 2. Lovely post! 💞

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