Random Thoughts: Bridgerton Season 1 and 2

Hello Lovely Readers!

After telling myself I wouldn’t watch it because Historical Fiction isn’t for me, here I am. What a joke that was because from the first episode I was hooked! This made my sister quite happy since she has been telling me to watch it since it first came out. She had someone to finally talk about it with.

I will try to keep this review of both seasons spoiler-free. If I can’t for some reason then I will be sure to let you know that a spoiler is ahead!

I absolutely adored season one! There is nothing I didn’t like about it. It sets up the characters nicely and I enjoyed seeing where their story arcs went. The only character I probably disliked the most would be Lady Featherington for obvious reasons, ha. She did grow on me a little in season two when it came to protecting her family but she is still something else.

Simon and Daphne got a lot of screen time in season one compared to our couple in season two. I think that is why I liked the first more. You really understood them better and the struggles they faced was all the more real and heartfelt. I cried and laugh way too much! Although I won’t complain much about that because it shows that I did really enjoy it.

I know that many didn’t like love triangle that appeared in season 2 and I will say that it didn’t bother me too much as I kind of saw it from a different perspective. I know my sister wasn’t impressed with it because it veered far from the book. I haven’t read them so I just went in blind. It was probably for the best. I do want to read them eventually.

One thing that I loved was the music! How impressive is it to turn pop songs we already know into classical? It was such a nice touch and has had me listening to the songs since then, lol. It is a nice edition to the Encanto soundtrack.

The settings, costumes, and everything else was just glorious! I’ll take one of each please.

Each season ends on quite the cliffhanger from different plot points and I don’t know how I will survive until season three. I am very curious to see which of the siblings will get their romance, or maybe it will be Penelope. Only time will tell!


14 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Bridgerton Season 1 and 2

  1. I love Bridgerton. I don’t care much about the story, for me it’s all about the costumes, accessories, jewelry, sets, acting, and that lovely music!!

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  2. You’ll definitely have the give the first couple of books a read to compare and see how you like them! I haven’t finished watching season 2 yet, but I can already tell you the book was better. However, I’m still very much enjoying it along with the costumes, music, etc.

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  3. I’m a sucker for period dramas! I wish there was more on screen which is why I devour Bridgerton so fast lol. I’m watching Sanditon now on Amazon and even though it’s more serious and not as colorful as Bridgerton, I just love the scenery, costumes, and the way they talk. But yes the music in Bridgerton is so good. I devoured the Vitamin String Quartet albums after watching Season 2 lol. Makes me wish I had a string quartet at my wedding playing pop songs! 🥰

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  4. I haven’t watched season 2 yet. Season 1 was so fun! I enjoyed it a lot. The music, the costumes and the setting are so amazing. I need to watch season 2 soon. I haven’t read the books so I’m not worried about the adaptations being done right. But I also heard that season 2 is nothing like the book. Maybe, that’ll make me read book 2? 😂

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    1. Yeah I absolutely love everything and the music is just so dang good. I listen to it often on youtube, lol. I’m glad that I watched them before reading because I feel like it is easier to separate the two when done that way versus the other way around.


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