Graphic Novel Review: Heartless Prince by Leigh Dragoon & Angela De Vito

Title: Heartless Prince
Author: Leigh Dragoon & Angela De Vito
Genre: YA Fantasy / Graphic Novel
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2021
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

“Evony is an orphaned princess from a kingdom destroyed by a power-hungry witch. Prince Ammon has recently been drawn to her, or at least he’s drawn to her uncanny ability to sense when familiars—servants to the witches—are approaching his kingdom’s borders. And Evony, well Evony has always longed for something more with Ammon. Wanting to prove himself to his kingdom and parents, Ammon takes Evony outside the borders to fight the familiars head-to-head. All is well until they’re captured by witch Aradia, who steals Ammon’s heart and leaves his body to turn into one of her familiars. What’s worse, his sister Nissa has been taken hostage by Aradia’s daughter. Evony makes it her miss onto retrieve Ammon’s heart and save Nissa, taking her into the mysterious Witchlands. There, she will discover a secret about her past that will change everything.” (Goodreads)

I wanted to read this graphic novel because I have followed the illustrator for awhile on instagram. I love her style! I’ve only read one other graphic novel by this particular author so that also made me want to pick it up as well.

The book is mostly about Evony. She has an interesting background that we learn more about throughout the book. She is very strong and really has no fears. She also cares for the royal family deeply as she owes her life to them for taking her in when she was baby. Plus, it’s obvious she likes Ammon.

Her character gets the most development. The rest of the characters fell flat and I honestly couldn’t feel anything for them. Evony doesn’t have the greatest development either but it’s still better. The romance is non-existent and really only hinted at from one side.

The settings were pretty cool visually but again, there wasn’t much information about them.

My favorite part of the book was the artwork. Angela always creates beautiful work!

Overall, this was okay/good. I gave it 3 stars for the artwork and at least some of it was intriguing.


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