Audiobook Review: Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) by Alwyn Hamilton

Title: Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2)
Author: Alwyn Hamilton
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publication Date: March 7th, 2017
Publisher: Viking

Rebel by chance. Traitor by choice.

Gunslinger Amani al’Hiza fled her dead-end hometown on the back of a mythical horse with the mysterious foreigner Jin, seeking only her own freedom. Now she’s fighting to liberate the entire desert nation of Miraji from a bloodthirsty sultan who slew his own father to capture the throne.

When Amani finds herself thrust into the epicenter of the regime—the Sultan’s palace—she’s determined to bring the tyrant down. Desperate to uncover the Sultan’s secrets by spying on his court, she tries to forget that Jin disappeared just as she was getting closest to him, and that she’s a prisoner of the enemy. But the longer she remains, the more she questions whether the Sultan is really the villain she’s been told he is, and who’s the real traitor to her sun-bleached, magic-filled homeland.

Forget everything you thought you knew about Miraji, about the rebellion, about Djinn and Jin and the Blue-Eyed Bandit. In Traitor to the Throne, the only certainty is that everything will change.” (Goodreads)

When it came to the first book in the series, I liked it but it wasn’t a favorite or anything. I still was keen on listening to the second book because from other reviews it seemed that the series ramps up. Boy, did it!

Amani finds herself in a lot of tough situations and old faces reappear but no one is always as they seem. I will say that at times Amani did annoy me a bit, especially in the beginning. This book starts two months after the first one ended and she has now grown into her powers. My problem is that I have a hard time with any character who is overally cocky with their abilities, especially when it’s only been two months. It just doesn’t seem like enough time especially when you had just found out about it. I don’t know if characters like this annoy anyone else or maybe it’s just a me thing, haha. Either way, I still liked her for the most part and she got better the further I got in the book.

There are new characters that grace the pages and some that have only been talked about but never present, like the Sultan. What a guy he is! My opinion of him kept changing because at times he was very suave but obviously anyone who wants power isn’t going to be a total dillweed every second of everyday. He does some wild things that I wasn’t prepared for!

The other characters continued to have good development. I have so many characters I like in here and I hope that the last book is kind to them.

One thing I did like about the previous book was the talk about the Djinn. It’s all so interesting and there were stories to talk about the first mortals as well. It helped to solidify the world in a sense and helped me understand it all better.

The plot consists of a lot of action, bits of romance, and an insane amount of plot twists that had me quite surprised. I’m glad that they were stretched out but most happening over the halfway mark. They kept me engaged and it was hard to stop listening because I needed to know what would happen next. I will say that the romance still isn’t a favorite because it just seemed rushed but I don’t hate it so that’s a plus.

Overall, it was a great sequel and I am looking forward to the last book in the series.

5 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) by Alwyn Hamilton

  1. I still find this series to be a favorite, despite its flaws. I love how the story especially in this book, really makes you see many sides to the more villainous characters. So many great twists throughout this one too, I think one of my new favorite characters is Sam! 😄✨

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    1. I can’t definitely see the appeal for this trilogy! It is unique and I did like the setting. I really did like learning about the villainous characters!

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