Manga Review: Haru’s Curse by Asuka Konishi

Title: Haru’s Curse
Author: Asuka Konishi
Genre: Manga / Contemporary / Romance
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2021
Publisher: Vertical Comics

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for an earc to read in exchange for a review!

“After Natsumi’s younger sister and best friend Haru dies at the age of 19, she begins dating Haru’s fiancee Togo – on the condition that he take her only to places he had taken her sister. Their relationship deepens as the seasons pass, but Haru’s curse lies between them…
Will there be happiness after Haru’s curse is broken?” (Goodreads)

I always enjoy finding new mangas to read and was excited to see this one on Netgalley. It also has both volumes included so I could finish it right away!

Haru’s Curse follows the life of Natsumi after her younger sister dies. The book is filled with grief and what people do to deal with it. It also follows her relationship with Togo (The fiancée of her younger sister), who she has agreed to date on one condition.

There are a couple times where the point-of-view switches as to better understand both characters, Natsumi and Togo as they find themselves in this weird relationship. There are also past tense scenes to help bridge the gap of how they all interacted with Haru (the sister). It all added to the plot and helped bridge the gap.

Natsumi is definitely a wreck as she doted on her sister who was the only one really there for her growing up. They didn’t have the best childhood and it was easy to understand why such a loss would cause her to spiral at times.

Togo has been living under his mother’s thumb since they day he was born. He hasn’t ever had to make any choices of his own but he does come out of his shell when he is around Natsumi. I did like seeing that side of him.

Both of them have a lot in common and it is easy to understand why they would find themselves in such a predicament. Although it isn’t easy on their conscious as they struggle to come to terms with grief and learning to move on when you don’t want to hurt the one who is no longer living.

Overall, I liked this one. The ending was a bit on the meh side as I don’t like open-ended but I still am happy I gave this one a chance.

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