Owlcrate Unboxing: Tales of Trickery


Hello Fellow Bookworms!

Today I have an unboxing for Owlcrate’s December box: Tales of Trickery. It was a decent box and I did enjoy most of the items. The book is one that I read as an arc but did not like so I ended up selling the book.


  • Hand Warmer Inspired by Sky in the Deep (Kit Cronk Studio)
  • Wood Wick Candle Inspired by Grace and Fury (Novelly Yours)
  • Ear Muffs Inspired by Caraval
  • Book Sleeve Inspired by Sorcery of Thorns (Chatty Nora)
  • Coloring Book & Pencils
  • The Guinevere Deception Exlusive Edition
  • Enamel Pin Inspired by Monthly Book


My favorite item would be the book sleeve or ear muffs! Both have great designs and have a practical use.

My least favorite item would be the book, ha. I just didn’t like it. The cover is nice at least!


Have you tried Owlcrate? What do you think of this box? Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “Owlcrate Unboxing: Tales of Trickery

  1. I skipped this month after finding out the hint of the book and guessing it was The Guinevere Deception lol. Still a lot of nice things though, LOVE that book sleeve. The ear muffs are super cute! A nice thing about these boxes is how you can sell the items you don’t like and get some value back to go toward the next box. Great pics too btw!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, I just wanted the sleeve lol. I did at least sell the book so that made up for a lot of the box. I am skipping January though since I am not interested in the book or HP mug. I am getting the fairyloot though!


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