Bookish and Comic Fandoms: Where We Belong Tag


Hello Readers!

This is a tag all about fandoms. I love fandoms and so this is perfect for me to do.

I was tagged by Nen & Jen for this great tag! They have a wonderful blog and if you aren’t following them yet then you definitely should be.

This tag was created by KB from KB Book Reviews.



  • Tag the creator + who tagged you.
  • List your fandoms and where you belong.
  • Tag 4 (or more) people to keep it going!
  • Have fun!





I mean come on, look at his beauty!


This one is hard because I was Edward for the books but Jacob for the movies. I am conflicted with my overall choice! I guess because I love vampires so much then Edward would win.


I can’t say what it would be since I have never read or watched this one.



Elves win all the time. Seriously, there is no contest!

hunger games.png

Again, I have never read/watched so I can’t say for sure where I would be.



I’ve taken two quizzes and I always end up a Stark. I’m happy with that.



Don’t feel obligated to do the tag. If you aren’t tagged and want to do it then feel free! It’s cool to see where everyone stands with fandoms.


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12 thoughts on “Bookish and Comic Fandoms: Where We Belong Tag

  1. Hi Legolas!!! *swoons* 😂😂😂
    I could never choose Jacob over Edward though… 100% hands down need my sparkly vampires. Gosh I love twilight so much!!! I have only read it twice but I do love rewatching the films when I’m in need of cheering up. They are just so fantastically cheesy and I love them for it!!!
    I’m surprised you haven’t read the hunger games, it feels like one of those series that everyone has read…. But then again I’ve not read Harry Potter and well…that IS one of those series everyone but me has read lol!!! My ship in the hunger games though… Didn’t end well for me LMAO!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Legolas is my number one forever and always ❤
      Haha, I only ever read it once but I was definitely obsessed when it first came out. The movies are super cheesy but I think that is what makes them great ,lol.
      I tried to watch the movie but it just didn't spark my interest. I heard the third book is meh so never really wanted to pick up the series either. Dystopian books just aren't my thing. I'm picky when it comes to them.
      I have only read the first two Harry Potter books, lol. I have seen the movies though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, they are fine reads but I guess it hasn’t made me want to continue right after i finishe the other? Meh, I’ll just keep watching the movies lmao

        Liked by 1 person

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