Owlcrate Jr. Unboxing: Tunnel of Bones


Hello Readers!

Today I am skipping Top Ten Tuesday (because honestly, I have no idea what titles I would change.) and bringing you another unboxing!

This one is a little late as this box arrived on September 3rd but better late than never, am I right?


So, let’s just stop with all the chit chat and move right along into it!


Included In This Box:

  • Tunnel of Bones Signed by Author
  • Author Letter and Poster
  • A choose your own adventure book: ‘Could You Escape the Paris Catacombs?’ by Matt Doeden
  • Black Cat Plushie (@wildrepublic)
  • Silver Mirror Pendant
  • Tote Bag (@blycrawford)
  • Skull Soap (@leeloosoap)
  • Travel Stickers (@foxville_art)

My favorite item out of this box had to be the extra book or the cat. I have a black cat and so anything I can find of one I like to get! I also like the extra book because as a kid I was always reading the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

My least favorite item was the necklace. It is a really cool piece and fits with the book well but I am just not big on jewelry.

Overall I was impressed with this special edition box especially because it was their first when it came to their Jr. box. I’m glad I got it because I love this series and now I have a signed copy!



What do you think of this box? Let me know in the comments!

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