Friday Favorites: Favorite Side Characters

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Hello, fellow bookworms!

Today’s post is a tag that was created by Something of the Book and she has a whole list of Friday Favorites to follow. They are awesome and it is a fun way to find new books with a twist and see how others have answered it!

I love a good character and sometimes that character is a side/minor one. I have read some books where they just take over and sometimes become the star of it! So this list is dedicated to them.

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363298181.) Jacks the Prince of Hearts (Caraval Series)

Would it be a list I made without him? I absolutely loved his character and was very sad for him in Finale. I just want a spin-off series that involves him!


41542345._SY475_2.) Goner & Vetty (Ignite the Stars Duology)

These two were so enjoyable to get to know even though they were only in the second book. Goner can be morally grey and it’s one of my favorite things about him. They do both care in their own way and even if they criminals, they still will do anything to save space.

433588843.) Silas (Sorcery of Thorns)

If you have read this book then you will know how amazing this character is! If you haven’t, you are missing out! He plays a large role and is just so intriguing!


233956804.) Ella Malikova and Basically Everyone Else From This Series (The Illuminae Files)

The audiobooks have a way of bringing every character to life and when one does you definitely feel it. I loved every side character especially Ella. Is brings diversity to the book since she is in a wheelchair but she doesn’t let that stop her from saving space from a zombie disease!

160968245.) All Side Characters (Acotar Series)

Each character is so interesting and have different backgrounds that make them all unique, including the bad guys.


357070806.) Nathaniel and Kate (Bloodleaf)

These two made a great couple and even though they aren’t included that much in the book, their story has stayed with me. If you haven’t read this book yet then you definitely should!


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Who is a side character that you really enjoy? Do any of mine make your list? Let me know in the comments!

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