Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

friday favorites


Hello, fellow bookworms!

Today’s post is a tag that was created by Something of the Book and she has a whole list of Friday Favorites to follow. They are awesome and it is a fun way to find new books with a twist and see how others have answered it!

I did a summer reads list for Top Ten Tuesday a few weeks ago and here we are again for Friday Favorites!

Last time I did a summer tbr and this time I will be recommending books you should definitely read this summer before the next book comes out in the fall.


1.) Stalking Jack the Ripper (Series)

I know I talk about this one a lot! But, it is really good and summer is the perfect time to catch up before the fourth and final book comes out in September.


2.) Sky in the Deep

Although This one is set in the same world as The Girl Sea Gave Back, it is more of a companion novel as the latest will be set 10 years after the events of Sky in the Deep. Such a great viking story and perfect for summer!



3.) Give the Dark My Love

This is a spectacular book about a morally grey character who happens to be a necromancer. It is dark, intense, and thrilling! I am looking forward to the sequel and you should be too!



4.) Ignite the Stars

There are only a handful of sci-fis that I have enjoyed and this is one of them! I love the main character because she is fierce and overall just a badass. You’ll also grow to love Knives too. No, that the weapon or utensil. He is a awesome space officer! Trust me, you’ll like him. haha. I have almost finished the sequel from NetGalley and it is awesome!



5.) City of Ghosts

This is a spooky Middle Grade but it is amazing! I binge read this one last year and was so excited to find out there would be a sequel! The main character does a lot of traveling and in the summer, most people do. Perfect time to dive into this thrilling book and be prepared for the next in September!



There you have it! A perfect summer reads list that is filled with awesome books that will have sequels coming out soon.

What’s on your summer reads list?


8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Summer Reads

    1. The other ones are great as well! Although Escaping from Houdini has some mixed reviews, I found it to be quite good!


  1. I am feeling the pressure on myself coz I’m always saying I need to read “Stalking Jack the Ripper” πŸ˜‚ Ignite the Stars sounds really good too and I’m already intrigued by this Knife character. Might have to add it to my tbr!

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    1. Yes do it! To both! Read both! I am so excited for the last book in the SJTR series. I even had my husband read them, haha. Knives is also a fantastic character!

      Liked by 1 person

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