Being Afraid to Discuss Your Book Opinions



Hello, Lovelies!

I recently finished a book that mentioned a stereotype when it comes to southern people. I discussed this topic and my feelings about it on my Instagram stories and was surprised by the responses I had received. I had some great discussions and was given other point of views. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone when it came to this stereotype.

I wanted to bring it onto my blog because as someone said to me, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about what makes us uncomfortable when it comes to books. We should be able to discuss our feelings as readers. So, I want to get your feedback on this as well!

What do you think about stereotypes in books? Have you read any that made you uncomfortable?

Even posting this makes me uncomfortable so hopefully it is well received.

I have yet to post my review for this book since it was a NetGalley and won’t publish to July. Minus the stereotyping, I actually did enjoy the book.


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