Shadow of the Fox: Book Review

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36672988Title: Shadow of the Fox
Author: Julie Kawaga
Rating: 3 stars

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Shadow of the Fox follows Yumeko and her unlikely allies as she tries to keep a thousand year old scroll out of the hands of ones who would use it for evil. With demons on her heels it will take everything including using her half kitsune side that she has been told her whole life to keep hidden.

This is a really hard review to write. I had very high expectations and although there wasn’t anything remotely wrong with this book, it just lacked any connection for me.

The characters were well thought out and each had an interesting background that were used in the bigger scheme of things, especially Suki from the first chapter. Yumeko reminded me a lot of Disney’s Rapunzel and Kage Tatsumi as Flynn Rider because of how she is not sure how the world works since she has been in a monk temple all her life and obviously Tatsumi has his own agenda. There was never any romance and it’s great to find a book that doesn’t use that for the plot.

The plot was interesting and nothing I have read in a book before. The Japanese legends and lore was fun and kept the book interesting.

But, even though there were great things included in this book it just lacked in connection for me. It wasn’t a book I wanted to continually read. It just wasn’t for me.

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