Seven Things I Like In A Book Book Tag

Book Tag

Hello, Fellow Book Lovers!

I was tagged by What’s In My Wonderland? for this tag. I love book tags so being tagged in them is awesome!

1.) Characters I Can Connect With
This is very important to me! If I can’t connect with the characters it makes it quite hard to be interested in the plot. They have to make me feel for them and what they are going through. If I cry, even better!

2.) A Wonderfully Crafted World
World building is a wonderful thing and adds to the characters and plot. I love to be able to picture myself in whatever building or forest the characters are in. I want it to reel me in so that I wish it was a real place that I could slip away too!

3.) Maps
I love when they include maps in the beginning of the book because it makes it a lot easier to understand where everything is and goes well with my above answer.

4.) Plot Twists I Don’t See Coming
I love when something crazy happens and it is unexpected! The expressions my face makes are pretty priceless when this happens, haha.

5.) A Great Villian
A villain for me must be menacing and just pure evil. I don’t want them to be likable in any way. The eviler, the better!

6.) Hate To Love Trope
Out of all the tropes I like, this is the one I like the most. I don’t know why but there is just something about the characters disliking each other and then falling in love.

7.) Multiple Point Of Views
This can add a lot to the plot and character development, if done right.

Do any of these make your list for things you like in a book?


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