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Hello, Fellow Book Lovers!

I recently seen this book tag done by Kaleena @ Reader Voracious and decided to do it! If you aren’t following her, definitely go give her a follow because she has great content!

I have been trying to do more book tags lately because it is an easy way for my followers to get to know me and I know I love reading people’s responses.

I don’t know who actually created this tag so if you know let me know and I will credit them!

1.) How many books do you usually read at once?
I wish I could say one but that just isn’t true. Sometimes I get approved for an arc and need to read it real quick so I put my current read down. Other times, a book just isn’t clicking for me and I decide to put it on hold and find something else to read. It really just depends on my mood!

2.) How do you decide when to switch between multiple reads?
I guess the last part of the first question could be an answer for here too. I usually read so many pages in each if I am spanning out a book over a month but it really just depends on how I am feeling.

3.) Do you ever switch bookmarks partway through a book?
Can’t say I ever have! I have so many that I could but most books I read on my kindle so bookmarks don’t work for me in that case!

4.) Where do you keep the book(s) you’re currently reading?
I recently bought a fancy book cart and it is great for this purpose!

5.) What time of day do you read the most?
I read most at night since my husband works third shift and my daughter is asleep. Peace and quiet!

6.) How long do you typically read in one session?
I spend between 30 minutes to an hour in one session sometimes longer if it is my daughter’s nap time or at night.

7.) Do you read hardbacks with the dust jacket off?
I do! I like to make sure they aren’t getting bent or tattered.

8.) What position do you mainly use to read?
I am usually reclined in my recliner!

9.) Do you take your current read with you everywhere you go?
Not always, it depends on if where I am going I will have to be doing some waiting.

10.) How often do you update your Goodreads reading progress?
I try to update it as much as possible. It helps me stay accountable and finish books.

And that’s all for this tag! I am not going to tag anyone but if you would like to do this tag feel free to and tag me so I can make sure to see your answers!


2 thoughts on “The Currently Reading Book Tag

    1. It is one of the best things I have purchased! It really does help with managing your reads you want to get to within the month, haha.


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