Fire & Heist: Book Review

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23510085Title: Fire & Heist
Author: Sarah Beth Durst
Rating: 3 stars

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Fire & Heist follows Sky Hawkins and her not so normal life. For starters, she is a were-dragon and that can make normal life complicated. Her families reputation has been tarnished and her mother has disappeared. With the help of her friend and ex-boyfriend, Sky will take on the biggest heist of her life in hopes to get some answers she has been waiting a long time for.

This was a new release book I have seen a few times on Instagram and when I went to the library and saw that they had it I checked it out. I didn’t really have any expectations going into it and I am not even sure if I read the synopsis before starting but it was an interesting read.

When it comes to Sky Hawkins, I am impartial to her. At the beginning she was very annoying as she basically just pined over her ex-boyfriend. She talked about him throughout most of the first third of the book and I am just not a fan of pining. She did eventually get better in the second half of the book but I wouldn’t say I connected with her. The other characters were alright but some of their dialogues felt the same and some of what they said felt very cliche at times.

The plot is what saved the book from being a 2 star. It was a fun take on dragons and it makes sense for them to being doing heists if they love treasures, mainly gold. Although, I felt that there could have been more heists than what was included.

Overall, it was a decent read but I wish there would have been more action and more from the characters in general.

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